15-Year Old Caught With 25 Guys in High School Bathroom

Sep 19, 2016 at 4:15 pm |

I don't think she'll ever live this down

It’s a fact that teens will have sex; though teen sex in America, and the ensuing pregnancies, are at a much lower number than in decades past. I think that they get their sexual kicks from sending nude photos to each other, so they don’t even have to meet up. But one young lady took it upon herself to buck the downward trend in teen sex and turn many boys into men, all in one day. Because of her young age, all of the lurid details haven’t been released about this extraordinary case, but we do know that this girl may have some serious problems to deal with after that afternoon.

sad girl student

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Parents and teachers were shocked to find a young girl having sexual relations with multiple people after hours in their school.

These students got an up-close lesson in sex education