’16 & Pregnant’s’ Lindsey Nicholson Teases Life Changing News… Could She Be Pregnant?

Oct 17, 2016 at 1:38 pm |

Lindsey's got some big news on the way!

Lindsey Nicholson of 16 and Pregnant‘s fourth season has lived a quieter post-MTV life than some of her co-stars, but that doesn’t mean she’s stayed completely out the spotlight. Now married and living in Texas, Lindsey has been at the center of a few tabloid stories since her time on MTV. A new story has popped up in the past few days, but this time it’s of her own making. Yesterday, Lindsey got on Twitter to announce some exciting news!

@Lilmamalinds Twitter Screencap

Source: Twitter @lilmamalinds

What’s in the works for ’16 and Pregnant’ star Lindsey Nicholson and her family? Apparently something great!

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