20 Colleges That Guarantee You A Good Time

Apr 5, 2016 at 12:34 pm |

Because that's what college is all about... right?

Whenever the Princeton Review comes out with its definitive rankings of the colleges and universities across America, one of the most “prideful” rankings is the student life and its social scene. College can be a stressful time what with all the studying, tests, finals, expectations, and looming pressure to find a job that fits within your major, but its a blast as well. You find life long friends, and make memories that you might never remember.

We took Princeton Review’s different categorical rankings and found on average, which colleges are guaranteed to give you four years of fun. Disagree with our list? Be sure to comment below and tell us which colleges we might have missed!

Credit: Getty Images/ Joe Murphy / Stringer

Credit: Joe Murphy / Stringer/Getty Images

#9 might definitely surprise you.

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