30 Shocking Elvis Presley Facts

Aug 29, 2016 at 7:49 pm |

I'm All Shook Up.

Life in the limelight is never easy.

From humble beginnings in a two-room house in Mississippi, Elvis would go on to become the face of a generation, a musical revolution, and one of the most influential recording and performing artists of all time. From his coiffed black locks to his stunningly good looks, from his musical talent to his dangerously sexy swinging hips, Elvis was larger than life.

We call him “The King,” but how much do you really know about Elvis Presley?

From countless sexual scandals and rumors to bizarre tales of his descent into the occult and drug abuse, who was the man behind those outlandish costumes and rose-tinted glasses? Did anyone know the real Elvis?

These facts and figures reveal a whole new side of the King of Rock and Roll that will forever change what you thought you knew about the man the world couldn’t help falling in love with.

elvis presley headshot

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You’ll be all shook up after reading these.

It's now or never... learn about the Elvis Presley the world doesn't know.