8 Things Men Should Know About a Woman’s V

May 25, 2016 at 9:40 pm |

Guys, take notes...

Guys, your penis is pretty simple. And even if you dont think so, it’s nowhere near as complicated as a girl’s V. They are so mysterious. Day by day, we never know how they’re going to behave. And while it’s safe to say that you may have an idea of how our body part works, you’ll be surprised to learn that you really don’t. Hell, sometimes we don’t always get how it works, so we’re not judging. But it is worth understanding — especially if you have a partner who just so happens to be a girl.

Nude woman holding a papaya in front of her

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Guys, if you thought you were an expert on this subject, think again.

Guys, if you thought you were an expert, think again.