9 Famous Celebs You’ll Never Believe Worked at McDonald’s

Jun 24, 2016 at 1:29 pm |

They loved to see you smile.

Growing up isn’t easy. As a teenager, you often have to worry about sealing your first job. Whether you carried boxes or worked at a fast food chain, we all had our share of woeful experiences doing such things.

We can almost guarantee that everyone in the world knows McDonalds. The golden arches have been dubbed the premier fast food chain for decades. There’s no denying that Ronald McDonald has the juice. While many have consumed hefty portions from this elite chain, an equal amount has donned the attire to prepare the food. In fact, several notable celebrities have played integral roles with Mickey D’s before reaching their current status. Take a look at some of their humble beginnings.

Rachel McAdams at 2016 Critics Choice Awards

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

We’re still scratching our heads about number 7.

See which celebs once worked at McDonalds.