A Grade T&A: Amanda Eliselee Has the Whole Package

Jan 12, 2017 at 4:39 pm |

Oh, Amanda, your body is perfection

Amanda decided to work hard to become a certified fitness trainer throughout her 20s, and now that she’s 29, she’s reached physical perfection. She must be a real hit with her clients not just because they get to interact with her all the time, but they know that one day, they could look something like her if they just follow her instructions. I think that I would get way too distracted if I was with her.

amanda lee

Source: Instagram @amandaeliselee

This fitness model might as well be considered the standard of modern beauty. She’s got wide hips, a lovely rack, and she’s so thin in the middle.

I'm pretty sure that if Barbie came to life, she still wouldn't be as hot as Amanda.