Absolute Worst Intimacy Advice Only Teenagers Would Believe

Jan 23, 2017 at 2:32 pm |

Those poor people have a hard lesson to learn

It’s totally okay if you don’t know everything about what goes on in the bedroom before you step in, or if you take some strange advice that ends up not working out. Relations are not nearly as clean or easy as they appear in adult films. But you need to remember to always use protection according to the directions listed to avoid any long-term issues. Maybe you should take some accredited classes if you’re as unaware as these people once were.

couple in bed man regrets cheating

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I think that everyone has heard something about sex at one point in their lives that was just absolutely impossible. And here’s what some people were told…

It's best to ask someone you trust how to get it on, lest you learn it this way.