Adam Lind Quits ‘Teen Mom 2’

Jun 15, 2016 at 2:50 pm |

I think we all saw this coming...

Being a star on reality television must be hard. You’re followed around by camera crews all day and while it might be fun to have your favorite moments captured on camera, the moments you need privacy the most is when you get it the least. We can’t imagine what kind of stress that puts on a person. Adam Lind, ex-boyfriend of Chelsea Houska and father of 6-year old Aubrey, has had just about enough. On the reunion episode, he revealed to Dr. Drew that he is done starring on Teen Mom 2 and wants to focus on body building.

Adam Lind and Chelsea on Teen mom reunion

Source: MTV

“I’m so much better than being bribed by money. I wasn’t raised to be greedy and sucked into this evil world.”

It got real awkward real fast...