Adult Film Actress Dies Tragically at 31. We Remember Her Hottest Moments

Aug 10, 2016 at 6:32 pm |

Dearly Beloved

We gather here today to remember the late, great porn star Amber Rayne. The pornography industry has exploded since the invention of the internet. In the more liberal parts of society, the industry is a little more accepted and actors/actresses aren’t hiding behind fake names and live as openly as anyone. With this transparency, more studies are being conducted on such actors, and how their occupation affects their lifes.

One of the biggest facts we’ve learned in recent years is the difference in life expectancy. When the deaths of 129 porn stars over roughly 20 years were analyzed, it was discovered that porn stars suffer from premature deaths more than the average person. This could be because of drugs, suicide, murder, alcohol abuse, accidental death and disease. The average life expectancy of a porn star is only 37.43 years whereas the average life expectancy of an American is 78.1 years.

Adult actress Amber Rayne was discovered dead last April at age 31 and so we decided to remember her in some of her hottest moments.

Amber Rayne in black bra

Source: Twitter @Amber_Raynexxx

Sweet and sexy? What more could you ask for!

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