Adult Film Star Reacts To Her Own Scenes

Apr 13, 2016 at 5:10 pm |

"Please, make this end!"

Well, this is weird. I’ve never heard of an adult film star who has never seen her films. Well, she exists and she is Coco Velvett. created a series called “Look At Me Now,” in which they ask adult film stars to watch themselves in the act. In this episode, Coco Velvett reacts to watching her films for the first time.

“My eyes were closed the entire time. I remember saying ‘go to my happy place!'” she recalled, looking at a few scenes she wasn’t too fond of.

I will say this was kind of hard to watch. Coco was the prime example of what I knew all along: adult stars aren’t always enjoying their scenes! She made it perfectly clear that she was not a fan of making this film nor a fan of her costar.

Adult Film Star Reacts To Her Own Scenes 01

Source: YouTube/Wood Rocket

She loses her XXX viewing virginity…

Prepare to be entertained. This video was awkward and hilarious to watch all at the same time!