Adult Stars Read Mean Comments About Themselves

Aug 3, 2016 at 1:40 pm |

Everyone's a critic

Did you ever hear friends talking smack about you behind your back? This was probably all of high school for most of us. Not only do people love gossip, they love tearing others down to makes themselves feel better. If high school wasn’t brutal enough, anyone and everyone can share their opinions on the internet anonymously.

The trolls out there are so negative, they do nothing but complain. While this happens to celebrities, it also happens to porn stars. Yes, there are people out there who criticize the way porn actors and actresses have sex. Makes you wonder if these complainers have ever had sex themselves. Zing. So Brazzers teamed up with PornHub to bring you these sexpert porn star reading negative comments about themselves and their work.

phoenix marie

Source: Youtube @4yallentertainment

Everyone’s a critic

Sticks and stones, but they have a lot more money than you...