Adult Stars Reveal Their Most Exhaustive Sex Marathons

Jul 15, 2016 at 5:57 pm |

We're tired just thinking about it...

If you’re sexually active at all, you know that sex can be exhausting. In a 30 minute session, a couple can burn up to 100 calories doing the dirty, but 30 minutes is a deceivingly long time. In fact, on average, the typical amount of time a couple freaks is six minutes. As someone that gets tired by just walking up a flight of stairs, it always amazes me the stamina porn stars need and have, to do their job (I would be a terrible one).

We got to thinking…what is the most exhaustive day someone has had having sex. You always have those friends that brag about their sex marathons that are definitely, blatantly lying about it so we went to a more reliable source: porn stars.

These were their stories. *Cue Law and Order SVU theme song*

April O'Neil porn star

Source: Youtube

“A normal day is 12 hours.”

What's the most you've ever had?