Amber Portwood Launches New Clothing Boutique (And No One Knows How To Feel)

Jan 17, 2017 at 4:15 pm |

Now you can dress like Amber... Kind of.

Great news for fans of Amber Portwood’s flawless style! Well, medium news, I guess?

The Teen Mom OG star finally launched the online boutique that she’s been alluding to for a while now. The site, Forever Haute, opened earlier this month to quite a bit of enthusiasm, but as time has gone on, reactions to Amber’s newest business venture have grown increasingly mixed. It’s all very confusing, honestly, but we’re getting to the bottom of it!

Forever Haute Collage

Source: Intstagram @realamberlportwood1__

Love it or hate it? No one is sure.

Let's break down the past month, hmm?