Amber Portwood’s Fiancé Matt Baier Drops New Bombshell On How Many Kids He Really Has…

Mar 31, 2016 at 5:19 pm |


Imagine being a struggling, single mom, who can’t seem to get a penny from your child’s father. But one day, you look up, and there he is — on TV. On TV?! What do you do? Do you blast him for being the deadbeat that he is, or do you calmly seek financial support, because obviously he’s making some dough.

You can take a note or two from the group of women who claim that Teen Mom OG star, Matt Baier, is their babies’ daddy.

The 44-year-old fiancé of Teen Mom series star Amber Portwood is currently facing child support cases with five women who claim he abandoned their kids. The reality TV star already has two kids from previous relationships, in which Amber knew about. However, she found out about his additional children in the ultimate, embarrassing way. Her ex, Gary Shirley, claimed that her new beau has SEVEN children on the national television show.

“I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to think. Did my man have all these kids with all these women that I didn’t know about? It freaked me out,” Amber told OK! Magazine.

If that freaked her out, I wonder what she’s saying now after TWO more women have came forward, claiming that Matt is the father of their children!

Amber Portwood's Fiance Matt Baier Drops New Bombshell On How Many Kids He Really Has...

Source: Instagram @realamberlportwood1__

In the two more cases of abandoned kids, Matt Baier, YOU ARE THE FATHER!

In the case of the shady, lying, deadbeat, Matt Baier, YOU ARE THE FATHER!