Anna And Josh Duggar Expecting Their Fifth Child Despite Marriage Woes?

Jun 9, 2016 at 1:15 pm |

Oh boy...or girl??

Last summer, the release of Ashley Madison’s user account list caused chaos in happy marriages across the country. One high-profile name was Josh Duggar. Soon after the release, Josh admitted that he was a sex and pornography addict and entered himself into rehab. He has since been released from rehab, but the transition back to home life hasn’t been an easy one. An inside source told the media: “Things are very sensitive between Josh and his wife Anna. She also is doing her best to forgive him but she is getting pressure from friends to divorce Josh. The relationship is in trouble now that he is back.”

It’s no surprise that sex is necessary for a happy marriage, but that becomes much more complicated when your husband is a sex addict and your family values don’t include using birth control. In any case, rumor has it, Anna and Josh are expecting their fifth child.

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Source: Facebook/ Josh & Anna Duggar

The man just can’t keep it in his pants…

So, is the unhappy couple expecting?