Bandage Dress Only for the Hottest Ladies out There

Aug 15, 2016 at 1:05 pm |

Want to unwrap it?

So what is a bandage dress, you may be wondering. Well, it’s a sexy, little dress that usually looks like fabric was wrapped in layers around a woman, but they’re really just a term for any body-conforming, short, tight and very, very hot dress. They might as well be called bondage dresses for how scintillating and sexy they are, and only the bravest, most confident hotties dare to wear them in public. We really just wanted to show you a few examples of the lovely bandage dress at its finest: wrapped around these beautiful women. Enjoy these amazing articles of clothing right now!

sexy girl in dress

Credit: Instagram @fashion_lime

There’s nothing quite as sexy as a hottie in a tightly-wound bandage dress, and we’ve got a gallery full.

I want to unwrap these bandages