Best in the Biz! Adult Stars With the Longest Careers

Dec 13, 2016 at 1:43 pm |

They've been at it for a very long time

You’ll often find a hot bevy of younger adult actresses featured on our site, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forsaken our favorite ladies who have been in the industry so long that they’ve gotten entire generations of men off with their amazing looks and impeccable acting skills. If they weren’t good at their jobs, they wouldn’t have any sexy movies during the past decades. So you know these adult stars really know how to work the camera.

lisa ann porn star red carpet

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Some ladies enter the porn business and quickly leave. Others enjoy decades of fun work that we enjoy throughout the years. Here’s to those long-lasting stars!

Talk about longevity! These stars have been doing it for decades.