15 Big Beautiful Black Bottoms

Nov 2, 2016 at 9:31 am |

Big booties rockin' everywhere

The weather is cooling down, and soon it will be cold outside. That means that soon enough, bikinis, booty shorts, and thongs will be a thing of summer’s past. Girls will be ditching their itsy bitsy, teeny weeny clothes for coats and sweats.

But before these babes run for cover, take one last peek of them showing off their big and bodacious backsides. Now, I can’t confirm if all of these butts are real or not, but I can confirm that you are, for sure, going to get a rise out of seeing this bubble bums. And I mean that in a literal sense.

tiny waists, big butts

Source: Instagram @racks_n_backs

I wouldn’t call them the world’s biggest backs, but they’re pretty close.

I wouldn't call them the world's biggest butts, but they're pretty close