Brazilian Amusement Park ErotikaLand to Open in 2018

Nov 22, 2016 at 2:15 pm |

This park is already arousing interest

Rides shaped like male members, nudist areas, a 7-D theater, that sounds like a raunchy, good time for any open-minded adult. The owners of the Erotikaland concept want to use this sexy amusement park to educate adults about all the fun they could be having in the bedroom while also entertaining them in some unusual ways. But authorities in the country believe that it’s immoral and will only attract the wrong element. Take a look at the plans for this different theme park and decide for yourself.

godemiche dildo

Source: Instagram @godemiche.silicone

While some people think that this sexy amusement park will attract perverts, the owners just want to entertain people with phallus rides and interactive shows.

Would you like to ride a giant phallus then go skinny dipping?