BREAKING: Jenelle Evans’ Brother Has Been Arrested Multiple Times

Sep 9, 2016 at 12:59 pm |

Why can't the Evans kids stay out of trouble?

Poor Barbara! As much as she tried to raise her children to be productive members of society, they’ve all had some pretty bad run-ins with law enforcement. Jenelle has been arrested a ton of times, including this year, but she may be taking a short break from getting in trouble while she’s pregnant with David Eason’s kid (yes, he’s been arrested a few times, too). Most of Jenelle’s known boyfriends have arrest records. But it turns out that Jenelle isn’t the only problem child; all of Barbara’s kids have legal issues. Her son, Colin, had some serious scrapes with the law that we’re just finding out about now.

Police amaking an arrest

Credit: Jack Dagley Photography/Shutterstock

Just like his ne’er-do-well sister, Colin Evans has been in trouble with the law multiple times, and he’s not the only one in her crime-ridden family.

And he's not her only sibling to be in trouble with the law