Bus Driver Spills Water on Female Passenger.. WAIT That’s NOT Water!

Sep 19, 2016 at 5:29 pm |


Anybody that lives in the city knows that public transportation isn’t the safest mode of traveling—especially at night, and especially if you are a woman. Parents have told their daughters time and time again to avoid traveling alone and to always keep their wits about them, but that isn’t exactly fool proof advice. There are some nasty people in the world, and there aren’t many preventative measure to keep them from doing nasty things.

Living in a society that oppresses women, we often hear disgusting stories of men sexually assaulting women and getting away with it. None, however, have come close to as disgusting as this story.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - OCTOBER 08: Passengers waiting for bus at Yenibosna District on October 08,2014 in istanbul,Turkey. Image ID:234922006 Copyright: istanbul_image_video Editorial Credit: istanbul_image_video/Shutterstock.com

Credit: istanbul_image_video/Shutterstock.

The most disgusting story you’ll read all day…

This is just plain gross