Catelynn Chimes in on Farrah’s Parenting Skills

Dec 9, 2016 at 2:51 pm |

Catelynn thinks that Farrah doesn't care about Sophia

There have been so many shocking revelations about the taping of a disastrous Teen Mom OG reunion special that it’s getting hard to keep up. And no one is rooting for Farrah Abraham, who had nasty things to say about all of her castmates. Even though Amber is the one who went after Farrah, no one could blame her for her actions, and Maci and Catelynn took her side. Catelynn has just revealed something else ridiculous that Farrah did, and she believes that she’s not the best parent because of it.

Catelynn Crying Screencap

Credit: MTV

After the insane reunion show, Catelynn Lowell is coming for Farrah saying that she’s irresponsible for bringing her daughter to this adult show.

Catelynn didn't get involved in Farrah's fight, but she's not her friend after this.