Celebrities That Are The Biggest Jerks

Mar 22, 2016 at 5:57 pm |

#6 is the best!

Before writing this piece, I hadn’t realized how fun these types of stories are. I mean, there are always comments about certain celebrities blowing off fans and whatnot, but rarely are there actual stories. Until now.

We’ve all heard of Mariah Carey’s ultimate diva moments, but did she really feed her starving assistant’s food to her dogs? Or how about Michael Jordan; Who knew he was such an SOB? These stories come from the mouths of fans who’ve worked private events hosted by their favorite celebrities or ones who just wanted a second of their time. Some are hilarious, others are unfortunate, but they are all detailed and interesting.

Celebrities that are the biggest jerks feat

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Fans dish the dirt…

These fans dish the dirt...