30 Celebrities Who Are Pro Guns

Jul 13, 2016 at 6:28 pm |

These Celebs Come With an Added Bang

Gun control is pretty much all you hear about these days, and it’s at the very heart of some of our nation’s most heated debates.

A contentious issue in and of itself, those who want increased gun control see guns for the murderous weapons they are, not to mention the unimaginable damage they cause as more and more Americans get injured or die (often accidentally) from gunshots, both self-inflicted or as unsuspecting victims of someone with a more sinister agenda.

People that are pro-guns, however, ardently defend the weapons as an important American right granted by our Second Amendment. Guns aren’t the problem, they argue, but dangerous people and a decaying social structure.

Contrary to the popular image of gun fans living on isolated farms in the middle of nowhere, or being strictly members of lower social classes, some of the most outspoken gun fans in the country are the very celebrities we admire or disdain and see in the movies and news every day! Some of these gun-slinging celebs will really surprise you.

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These celebrities come with an added bang!

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