Close up of an Ingrown Hair Being Removed

Oct 19, 2016 at 12:48 pm |

Warning! Gross medical images!

People love watching gross-out videos. By “people” I mean me. While I prefer the giant cyst busting, most others seem to love the ingrown hairs being yanked out. The best thing about this particular video is that’s it’s super magnified. And lemme tell you, hair is gross when it’s up close.

Now, if you shave or even wax, you’ve probably have gotten lots of ingrowns. And then you know sometimes these suckers get infected. Red, painful, and sometimes contains a little pus. They aren’t fun, but here’s a pro tip: exfoliate! Use a washcloth when cleaning or use a cosmetic exoliter. You can even use sugar or coffee grounds!

featured image of fuzzed out ingrown hair removal

Source: Youtube @Pimple Popping

Warning! Gross medical images!

Let's get plucking!