Could This be Farrah Abraham’s Strangest Business Venture Yet?

Apr 1, 2016 at 12:12 pm |

This "serial entrepreneur" has a new line.

As a super popular Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has done so much since then. She’s still constantly in the spotlight and doing well for herself. At only 24-years-old, she’s been on numerous reality shows, received an associate degree in culinary arts and management, released a high-paying adult video and sex toys, released several books and an album, and so much more.

And as you can tell, Farrah doesn’t stop. What is she doing now? It’s not anything in the entertainment industry, but it’s something she’s passionate about.

farrah and red couch

Source: Instagram @furnishedbyfarrah

This “serial entrepreneur” has a new line!

Farrah has so many interests!