Courtney Stodden Just Shaved Her Head

Aug 8, 2016 at 6:53 pm |

What is she up to now?

There have always been strange stories coming out of the celebrity world, but Courtney’s case was definitely one of the weirder. The young lady married a much, much older man and was noticeably surgically-enhanced before she was even 18 years old. Her mother was vilified as a gold digger using her daughter for attention and money. Though Courtney is just now legally old enough to drink, she’s still making headlines for her strange behavior. Will Courtney grow out of her weird ways now that she has suffered a major loss, or is this all she knows now?

courtney stodden

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Courtney Stodden has had a strange life since marrying at 16, and it seems to be catching up with her.

She never seemed quite right