Courtney Tailor’s Thick Thighs Are Making Our Mouths Water

Jan 19, 2017 at 10:00 am |

Thick thighs, but easy on the eyes

If you feel that you recognize the name Courtney Tailor, it’s probably because there was a girl in your school with a name just like it. And she may have looked like this Courtney too. Courtney is that girl next door of your dreams as a teen, but she’s not one to sit around in her dad’s house all day. She’s got money to make and a brand to build.

courtney tailor with cleavage

Source: Instagram @courtneytailor

This ‘Girl Next Door’ is no ordinary model, mogul, and video babe, she’s building an empire based on fitness rather than glamour.

Courtney Tailor can be my next door neighbor anytime.