Craziest Unsolved Murders In History

Nov 27, 2017 at 4:20 pm |

Unsolved Terrors

Unsolved murders aren’t something you only see in the movies ― and when they happen in real life they’re a lot scarier. Murders are incredibly disturbing, but it’s even worse when the case hasn’t been solved. Having an unsolved murder case not only looks bad for the police departments involved but, at the same time, it terrifies people living around the event. How terrifying is it to think that the murderer is still out on the loose! There’s nothing worse than knowing a killer is within miles of your home, looking for more action.

Here are the ones that keep us up at night!

murdered case unsolved mystery

Credit: Jan H. Andersen/Shutterstock

An unsolved murder mystery can be terrifying to everyone involved. These are some of the most interesting unsolved murders of all time.