Crazy, Insane but Totally SEXY Pole Dancing Positions

Jul 15, 2016 at 5:38 pm |

Sport. Art. Sexy.

When people think of pole dancing, they automatically think of exotic dancers and strippers. While there is a sexy side to it, poles are being used in many more places than strip clubs. And it doesn’t stop in the bedroom. Nope. It’s become a craze not only in the bedroom but outside of the bedroom as well. It’s being used everywhere and is now a part of fitness. It’s a full-body workout. You have to have excellent upper body strength to do fun tricks on the pole. I don’t know about you, but certain poses on the pole fascinate me. The women you are about to see make difficult poses look so simple.

karo swen upside pole dancing

Source: YouTube @Karo Swen

These women make difficult poses look so simple and sexy.

Check out these sexy poses!