Criminal Steals Cop Car, Streams the Chase on Facebook

Nov 22, 2016 at 2:24 pm |

Well, he was going to jail anyway

John Pinney was never someone you would call an upstanding member of society, but even he couldn’t believe how bad his latest crime was. I know that because he live streamed much of it on Facebook, talking to his captive audience about how much fun he was having that he would no longer have once it was over and he goes to prison for it. We’re not really sure what led to John going on this dangerous venture, but at least we can relive it through the magic of the internet.

john pinney stolen car

Source: Facebook @John Pinney

John Pinney really seemed to have no regrets jumping into a cop car and taking it for a high-speed joyride through Tulsa.

Not only did he steal a cop car, he streamed it using the officer's device.