Curvy Miss Italy Contestant Is the Hottest Thing on the Internet

Sep 23, 2016 at 4:25 pm |

Paola is molts bellissimo

Haters stay home! The curvy loveliness that is Paola Torrente came in second in the coveted Miss Italy 2016 competition, but that was way too much for some people, who said that she’s way too large to even be let into the pageant. But we think that Paola is simply stunning; she’s natural, beautiful and a whole lot of woman. Take a look at all the reasons why Paola won first place in our hearts for being the most voluptuous Italian lady out there today!

paola torrente italian curvy model

Source: Instagram @paola_torrentereal

Ms. Paola Torrente was scolded for being too large to win a beauty pageant, but this girl has got bountiful curves.

Don't hate her because she's beautiful, ladies!