Dessert Ideas: Oreo Lasagna

Apr 6, 2016 at 12:40 pm |

You're gonna want to make this bad boy tonight.

oreo lasagna title

Credit: Consumed Media

Need a new dessert idea? Try this no bake dessert made of Oreo’s. Layered deliciousness makes this a sweet version of the traditional lasagna. Ever have chocolate lasagna before? Well you are in for a tasty ride.

So what’s in this awesome dessert? Besides delicious Oreo crumbles there’s chocolate pudding, cream cheese and whipped cream. Top with chocolate chips, freeze and you’re done! Forget those store bought desserts full of preservatives and too much sugar, make your own creation and you can even turn it into a birthday cake!

Besides being tasty, one of the best parts about this super easy recipe is that the kids can help assemble it. Getting kids involved in cooking and new activities is always a good idea. Plus you’ll have an extra helper in the kitchen. It’s win win.

You’re gonna want to make this bad boy tonight.

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