It’s Official: Devin Brugman Has the Greatest Rack of 2016

Nov 28, 2016 at 11:32 am |

Devin has got some incredible assets

Devin Brugman is far more than just a swimsuit model. Her DD chest is making a lot of waves all over the world. She’s built up her own empire just based on showing off her massive rack in a variety of bikinis and exercise clothing that she designs herself. No other clothing manufacturer makes tops that can contain her assets, and she needs all the help that she can get. You’re about to get addicted to Devin.

devin brugman

Source: Instagram @devinbrugman

Devin Brugman has created an empire based on just how she looks in bathing suits. Your jaw will drop for her luscious, incomparable body.

Your jaw is going to drop right off after seeing this natural beauty.