Did Farrah Have Something to Do With Amber and Matt’s Break Up?

Aug 23, 2016 at 5:44 pm |

The truth comes out...

Last we heard, Amber Portwood’s had decided to postpone her wedding with fiancé Matt Baier. Back in April of 2016, we learned that Matt was daddy to an alleged nine secret children. Different women from around the country continued to come forward claiming that Matt owed them years of child support. With thousands of dollars of alleged debt, Amber stuck by her man, but announced to her friends and family that her wedding would be put off until further notice.

The first episode of the new season of Teen Mom aired last night and it looks like there are a couple more reasons for holding off—excluding the secret children.

Credit: Rich Polk / Stringer / Getty

Credit: Rich Polk / Stringer / Getty

“I’m shocked Amber didn’t find that already. I mean, I’d cancel that wedding, that’s for sure,” Farrah Abrahams.

Why are we not surprised it includes Farrah Abraham??