Did Someone Say Burlesque Babe?!

Dec 16, 2016 at 12:29 pm |

Introducing Miss Bo Vixxen!

Bo Vixxen is one of those burlesque girls that stands out from the rest. She’s a fiery red-head, she’s got the sexiest eyes that pull you in, and she’s got a curvy, drool-inducing body that makes you want to howl like a horny werewolf. Don’t you remember those Tex Avery cartoons? I’m sure Bo does because she’s looking just like Red Hot Riding Hood right now. Give her your gaze.

Bo Vixxen Burlesque sexy

Source: Instagram @bovixxen

The San Francisco singing siren Bo Vixxen is one of the preeminent burlesque babes in America right now. And you can clearly see why…

How can she fit all of that sexy body into such tight clothes?