Did ‘The Willis Family’ Get Canceled Because of These Appalling Allegations?

Sep 12, 2016 at 6:48 pm |

And another one for TLC

TLC is known for producing unusual shows. And to get unusual shows, you’d have to have unusual characters. Following the Duggar scandal, there’s another TLC reality show star who has found himself in big trouble. Toby Willis, from TLC’s The Willis Family, has been arrested for the raping of an underage girl.

The show follows Willis, who was a former state championship wrestler, his high school sweetheart Brenda and their 12 children, who range from 5 years old to 24. The Willis family rose to fame after reaching the quarterfinals in season nine in America’s Got Talent. Since, The Willis Family has aired for a total of two seasons before it was canceled.

Toby Wiliis

Source: Facebook/Toby Willis

TLC commented on the father of twelve’s horrible scandal.

TLC commented on the father of twelve's horrible scandal.