Everything You Didn’t Know About the Kat Von D, Jeffree Star Fued

Jul 21, 2016 at 3:11 pm |

It's getting colorful

Two huge names in the radical makeup industry are at war. Kat Von D, tattoo artist and TV star, and Jeffree Star, controversial musician and artist, are going through a major falling out right now. Kat has stopped communication with her former friend, Jeffree, and has publicly bashed him for his alleged behavior against her, a designer and other brands. Jeffree is coming out fighting trying to counter her claims and save his reputation. Which side are you taking? What really happened between the two tattooed makeup moguls?

jeffree star cross out

Source: Instagram @thekatvond

Tattoo queen Kat Von D has fighting words for artist Jeffree Star.

Will the two makeup moguls make up?