Ew! You’ve Never Seen Rotten Food Like This!

Jun 28, 2016 at 6:43 pm |

Warning! Nasty images ahead!

I hate the term “foodie.” It’s pretentious and hey, doesn’t everyone LOVE food? There is an increasing surge of people wanting to cook refined food, eat at high end restaurants and buy better produce and proteins. This combined with the ubiquity of phone cameras means that everyone and their mom wants to take photos of foods. Dishes people have cooked themselves or just ordered at restaurants flood everyone’s social media.

But what about when our perishable food goes bad? No one wants to look at gross fuzzy and discolored foods, right? Wrong! Not only are rotten foods disgusting, but the stuff that grows on them can be quite repulsive. Let’s take a gander at what happens when you don’t consume your food in a timely manner.

molded over rotten foods

Source: Instagram @01josehernandez

Put this in your feed.

Put this in your feed.