Farrah Abraham Claims She’s the Reason ‘Teen Mom’ Exists!

Oct 5, 2016 at 12:12 pm |

Oh Really?

When we first met Farrah Abraham on 16 and Pregnant, there was no way of guessing she would turn into the Frankensteinian monster she’s become today. She was a high school cheerleader with a darling boyfriend and dealing with the difficulties of being a pregnant teen. Flash forward seven years and Farrah’s personality (and face) are barely recognizable.

It seems like every week we hear a new scandalous headline about Farrah and plenty of people around the world chime in with their opinions. She’s become one of the most well known Teen Mom costars, for better or for worse. The fame has gotten to Farrah’s head, however, and she claims that the show wouldn’t even exist without her presence.

farrah abraham on botched

Source: YouTube @HollywoodLife

Big surprise there…

Whatever you say, Farrah...