Farrah Abraham Discusses Her Thoughts On Her Daughter Doing Adult Films & Wearing Make Up to School

Aug 10, 2016 at 2:45 pm |

Uhhhh... WHAT?

If the scandal isn’t about Farrah Abraham, you can bet that it has something to do with her daughter, Sophia. The headlines never stop coming from this Teen Mom, do they? Farrah has been criticized in the past for her interesting parenting techniques with Sophia. First it was letting her daughter do a photoshoot with some very age inappropriate poses. This week, Farrah kept the controversial comments coming in her latest interview with the podcast Allegedly when she talked about everything from becoming a prostitute to Sophia entering the porn industry.

Farrah and Sophia

Image: @farrah__abraham/Instagram

Like mother, like daughter…

TBH we aren't really surprised with her answers...