Farrah Abraham Throws Shade at Nicki Minaj. ‘She Really Looks Bad’

Apr 12, 2016 at 3:48 pm |

Three months later and she's STILL salty

So, remember that fallout between rapper Nicki Minaj and Teen Mom OG‘s Farrah Abraham? I don’t know if I’d call it a “fallout” because they barely knew each other, but when you’re fans of each other, you think you know a person, you know? Well, anyway…

At the top of the year, Nicki called Farrah out for being super mean to her mom on an episode and Farrah clapped back. First off, who knew Nicki was a Teen Mom fan?! Well, she is, and she didn’t like what she saw on TV so she made a few comments about it on Twitter. With all the retweets, it got back to Farrah and we all know she doesn’t take lightly to negativity. They had a small exchange on Twitter and it looks like Farrah is still in her feelings about it.

Farrah Abraham at MTV Movie Awards

Credit: Emma McIntyre / Stringer / Getty Images

She’s mad Nicki called her the big C word…

When asked about the Twitter beef, Farrah had this to say...