Farrah Abraham Only ‘Teen Mom’ to Pay For ‘Teen Mom’ Cruise

Nov 17, 2016 at 12:02 pm |

All Aboard... Except Farrah

The 25-year-old reality (porn) star has also appeared on Couple’s Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother UK. She has molded her lady parts to create a special toy, and appeared at the AVN Awards in 2015. She has even written a few books! Is there anything Farrah Abraham can’t do? Yes. Farrah can’t attend the Teen Mom cruise for free. If she wants to attend, she will need to fork up anywhere between $734 and $1,303. The Royal Caribbean cruise liner is set to depart from Miami in July 2017. It will last for five days and make stops at some beautiful places. So, why the snub for Farrah?

farrah abraham and Simon Saran

Source: Instagram @simon_23_saran

Find out why Farrah got snubbed.

Why wasn't Farrah invited?