Oops! Farrah Abraham Wrote A Review For Her Own Store

Jan 12, 2017 at 12:17 pm |

That's not what Yelp is for, Farrah...

It’s no secret that Farrah Abraham likes to pat herself on the back every now and then—and by “pat herself on the back” I obviously mean, “literally say out loud to everyone that she is the best person on the planet all of the time.” Look, I appreciate a self-assured woman who can acknowledge and celebrate her accomplishments as much as the next person (probably more than the next person), but Farrah has a tendency to take it to the next level. Case in point: home-girl is out there writing 5-star reviews for her own damn businesses.

Farrah in glasses firing employee

Credit: MTV

Always log out, Farrah!

Well, this is awkward....