Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend SLAMs ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Including Farrah

Sep 22, 2016 at 4:49 pm |

Simon Saran feels like all of Farrah's castmates are fake

Simon Saran loves being in the spotlight, but he’s attracting people’s attention in all the wrong ways. Other than stringing along Farrah for the entire world to see, and letting her humiliate herself because of him, he’s now calling out her castmates and all of their flaws. Farrah is even on the menu receiving a full platter of hateful barbs. When will Farrah learn that she needs to dump this zero for good and finally find herself a hero?

Farrah Abraham (R) and Simon Saran attend the 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Credit: Emma McIntyre/Stringer/Getty Images

Simon Saran doesn’t just unleash his wrath on Farrah, he has no problem hurling insults at all of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast.

Simon is just being rude to Farrah and her co-stars