What We’ve Learned About Farrah Abraham’s Past

Dec 7, 2016 at 2:06 pm |

You might not hate her so much after this...

Farrah may not be the most beloved character to have ever come out of Teen Mom, but she’s just so darn entertaining that we can’t stop watching her. We’ve watched her since she was 16 and about to give birth to a child whose father had already passed away, and we’re still watching her today as she expands her brand into legitimate and not-so legitimate work. Though you may think you know everything about this girl, she may have a few surprises left.

Farrah peace

Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham

Farrah is firmly cementing herself as the most controversial figure to come out of ‘Teen Mom,’ but she’s been through her fair share of things.

Farrah is more vulnerable than she lets on when she's yelling at others.