Scorned Fast Food Worker Puts Her WHAT on Customer’s Hamburger?!

Jan 26, 2017 at 11:34 am |

That's not ketchup...

We’ve all heard stories about gross objects in people’s food. From bodily fluids to dead animals, you’ve most likely been super creeped out whether the story is real or fake.

Recently in Columbus, Mississippi a young woman was arrested for putting some foreign substance on a paying customer’s hamburger. Maybe you should think twice about what a fast food worker could be putting inside your burger or fries. Out of all the things it could have been, this one might just surprise you the most.

Jack's Family Restaurant Exterior

Source: Instagram @eatatjacks

Ever had something at a restaurant that just didn’t taste right? This might get you thinking about who’s in the back making your food.

She did what?!