She’s Got a Body Like an Hourglass That’s Ticking Like a Clock!

Nov 9, 2016 at 3:08 pm |

With a body like a slender hourglass, fitness model Eriana Blanco Isis breath taking

Miami Beach is full of people sporting hot bods, golden tans, and a generation of people who work hard and play harder. With so many chiseled and dedicated fitness fanatics it’s hard for a fitness model to really stand out.

Eriana’s approach works because of her authenticity. Her technique when it comes to being a model and fitness expert is to lead by example and inspire others. She exudes an air of grace, passion, and intensity that others simply can’t compete with. Her style is professional and reserved, yet sexy and provocative. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s stacked and knows how to rock a bikini. We’ve picked out a few pics we know you’ll love, and who knows, they may be the inspirational kick you need to get in shape.

Source: Instagram @Eriana_Blanco

Source: Instagram @Eriana_Blanco

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