Lost Footage From Beyoncé’s Childhood Is Selling for an Outrageous $4 Million

Dec 6, 2016 at 4:00 pm |

She grew up like this

Beyoncé is the Queen of the Music World right now, and she’s been slaying for over a decade now. But she didn’t start off famous; she worked hard for it and was eventually discovered for her great talent. Her first girl group wasn’t Destiny’s Child. Beyoncé started off in Girls Tyme in Texas, and they filmed a few music videos that have recently been unearthed, and they’re being auctioned off for a price befitting off a Queen.

young beyonce

Source: Youtube @Ted Owen & Co

Queen Bey is proving that everyone in the world is a megafan of hers. No one else on Earth could sell their home movies for $4 million.

You can see snippets from the coveted tapes next!